Khatskevich Not have a right to be wrong in terms of transfers

Хацкевич: Не имеем права ошибаться в плане трансферов

New coach of Dynamo Alexander Khatskevich told about strengthening the team.

“The Ukraine issue has been resolved: it is definitely coming back. I will try this week to contact them and to discuss plans for the future. I hope he will have a desire to stay in the team, so no leases. Also Khlyobas. Moraes, Belhanda and Mbokani should also return to Kiev, but they have to individually communicate with everyone, and in a short time to decide on their future.

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At the moment our main opponent miner special activity in the transfer market does not show. Dynamo also lives in Ukraine and is in the same situation. If they will need some gain a point, it will become clear in the process of training and preparation for the season. You should always expect that someone can leave and someone can appear. But in a situation that is at the moment, we have no right to be wrong in terms of transfers. Therefore, we will approach this issue very carefully and responsibly.

If Yarmolenko goes to a foreign club? I don’t like the subjunctive, and are used to solve problems as they arise. If there is a good offer from him, of course, will not refuse neither the club nor the player himself. But let us speak on the subject of possible replacements already in receipt of any proposals on a specific player,” said Khatskevich.

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