Khatskevich: Surkis said he was ready to lead Dynamo

Хацкевич: Суркису сразу сказал, что готов возглавить Динамо

Alexander Khatskevich

Alexander Khatskevich told how quickly agreed to the proposal of Dynamo and formed his coaching staff.

“It happened somewhat unexpectedly. The first call from Igor Surkis received on Monday, about six o’clock – after he had a talk with Serhiy Rebrov. Igor suggested to meet. I came, we talked, but no specific proposal has reached. The President said he’ll have more interviews with other candidates. And on Wednesday, after the game with Chernomorets, he called again and said, “Tomorrow come to the club”.

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Igor told me he offered: “While I don’t. Sleep with that night. At the same time think about the coaching staff.” But I still just said that he is ready, but the decision is his.

My assistants at the headquarters of the Dynamo will be Luzhny, Shatskikh and Mikhailov. Why are they? First of all, because each of them has Dynamo heart. Plus experience Oleg Luzhny, who worked much in the club and even headed Dynamo. And his experience of playing in England is also useful – we have almost from the start of the season will have to play through the third day, three on the fourth. In the end, his human qualities – Oleg Romanovich was never indifferent to his work, and the teams he led, always had a fighting spirit. Well, since Luzhny at the time was one of the best defenders in the Ukraine, then it will be assigned and individual work with the defenders.

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Maksim Shatskikh have already worked for a year with the U-19 team, and also something brought into the game guys, who made a splash in the youth Champions League. We have Maxim will be responsible for working with the strikers. Yeah, he doesn’t have much coaching experience, but coaching is creativity. But a very big fighting experience, he is one of the best scorers in the history of Dinamo. And a good striker – good piece. So, I think he has a lot to teach our young guys group attack: Besedin, Yaremchuk, Khlyobas that is returned from the lease.

The goalkeeping coach will tell you that when I got carte Blanche to the formation of the headquarters, then immediately turned to Mikhail Leonidovich Mikhailov, given his crazy experience. After all, the goalkeeping coach is also very specific position. Mikhailov said that would like to work with me. After that, other options I’d considered,” said Khatskevich.

We will remind, earlier reported that Alexander Khatskevich became the new head coach of Dynamo Kiev.

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