Khatskevich: We are very costly this draw

Хацкевич: Нам очень дорого обошлась эта ничья

Alexander Khatskevich

Alexander Khatskevich has commented upon the draw against young boys in the Europa League.

Head coach of “Dynamo” Kyiv Oleksandr Khatskevich told about the game plan, the absence of Khacheridi, injuries two team leaders and the bad luck of Derlis.

“Maybe on top you thought that it was two different halves. We in the first half actively playing, but no luck can not do. There were moments – Mbokani failed mastery, Gonzalez should have scored. In our goal balls flew after rebound and feed from the standard position. These points we will examine within the team, who and who answered personally.

They love to control the ball. We tried to act the same way, but we also had a quick transition to the attack. Tried to “shake” the opponent, to search for spaces on the flanks, to break into them from below. Something happened and something not. The guys on the football field to decide when you need the ball to save and when to speed up the game.

Why not Gonzalez goes the final blow? There are many aspects of the skill, class, composure, execution. In the first half he should have scored, and the second when he went one-on-one… Could take the game over, but he made this decision… It’s mastery.

Khacheridi? It still doesn’t work in the General group after returning from international duty.

What about Vida and Sidorchuk? Unfortunately, it is very expensive, this draw is done. Although in terms of tournament strategy, the result is quite good. The Types of very serious cut, and sydorchuk tomorrow will be a medical examination and will become clear,” said Khatskevich.

Earlier it was reported that Dynamo Kiev played out a draw with young boys in the third round of the group stage of the Europa League. Watch the video goals of the match Dinamo – young boys.

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