Kherson watermelon are planning to patent

Херсонский арбуз планируют запатентовать

Kherson watermelon is prepared for the state registration

Geographical indications may soon also get Hutsul brynza and Melitopol cherry.

Ukrainian melon growers from Kherson region want to register a geographical indication for its watermelons. On Wednesday, February 13, the press service of the draft of the Geographical indication in Ukraine on his page in Facebook.

On the same day in Kherson was held a conference of the Association of producers of Kherson watermelon. It was attended by seven of the founding organizations, representing the horticulture, export activities, and in scientific spheres.

Documents for state registration will be provided shortly.

Among other products, which may soon get geographical indication – Hutsul brynza and Melitopol cherry.

Recall that in 2017 was established Birzhevye delivery on the Dnieper watermelons from Kherson region. They gave rise to numerous jokes in the network, which responded to the Prime Minister Groisman.

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