Khizhnyak: Suggestions go in the profiboxing come from 18 years

Хижняк: Предложения перейти в профибокс поступают с 18 лет

Alexander Khizhnyak

Alexander Khizhnyak said about his dream in Boxing, how is Lomachenko and his nickname in the Amateur ring.

The world champion and Europe on Boxing, the best boxer of the world championship in Hamburg Alexander Khizhnyak, who was also recognized as the best athlete of September in Ukraine, after the ceremony at the NOC of Ukraine spoke to reporters.

– How would you describe this year for yourself? Which victory was the most enjoyable?

– This year was very heavy. To compare the results that I have achieved this year is very difficult, because at different stages of preparation, I looked different. The results are also different, so putting them in some kind of sequence is very hard. To achieve each of them I’ve put in maximum effort. I did everything that all the matches were as bright and as pleasant as possible to the viewer.

Хижняк: Предложения перейти в профибокс поступают с 18 лет

– Due to the fact that your dad is the coach, it’s hard to resist the comparison with the family of Vasyl Lomachenko. How he is treated?

Is a very respected person who has achieved in Boxing the best results. I respect him, my whole family admires them, all our Boxing family puts it in the example, we look at his fights and root for him.

He set the bar to which you want to go. After the Olympic games in the national team, which, incidentally, is now very updated is a bar that you need to at least repeat. And then to achieve the best results.

Well, that is something to strive for, and it’s good that there is a result to which we come, and there is a team which has shown what he really wants. To think that such results are impossible – no. Were the boxers who have shown and achieved. I hope that my team will be able to pass this way and to repeat those results.

– The team perceived your successful performance at the world Cup?

– I took gold in Hamburg and the team returned from the world Cup in a good mood, was not frustrated or defeated. And when I was handed a Cup of best boxer of the championship of the world regardless of weight category, it was a feast not only for me, the coach and the team, but also for the whole Ukraine.

I am grateful to all those who have achieved all that was possible to earn. We all work together in order to achieve maximum results. He employs everything from senior coach Dmytro Sosnovsky to my personal trainer and other people.

Хижняк: Предложения перейти в профибокс поступают с 18 лет

– There are certain suggestions that the profiboxing?

– Of course. Constantly calling, probably 18 years old (now Khizhnyak 22 years – ed). Saying that my fight is not like Amateur. Everyone likes my fighting style, I can dictate the course of battle, to show what the audience likes and the audience are willing to pay money to look at my Boxing as often as possible in the ring.

I am grateful to all who supported me, thanks to whom I remain in Amateur Boxing and go to the dream – the gold medal of the Olympic games. First of all I am a resident of Ukraine, resident of his native city.

– Most boxers have nicknames in the ring. Not thinking, what could have?

– For many the last years of encounter in relation to his nickname “the Poltava tank”. It already long time does not change.

You’re a very popular person. Not hard from such attention?

– Now from my own experience I will say that it is very hard. I have after winning the world Cup is always some meetings that drain. It is impossible to tell about their achievements without emotion. It takes a lot of effort and obtained, but I wish there were more and achievements I created more occasions for meetings with journalists.

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