Khmelnitsky power explained the abolition of the Russian language in schools

Власти Хмельницкого объяснили отмену русского языка в школах

Khmelnitsky power explained why he abolished the Russian language in schools

To the city authorities for this reason arrived about 20 collective complaints from parents.

In the Department of education of Khmelnytskyi city Council confirmed that the city schools no longer study Russian language. This was announced by the Director of the Department of Roman Mykolaiv, Ukrainska Pravda reports.

“I confirm to you that our position was a failure in secondary schools of Khmelnytskyi from studying Russian. Indeed, it was the position of the mayor, but we did it when there was a desire by the parents, and when they confirmed it with appropriate applications,” said Mykolaiv.

He added that the city authorities on this issue has received about 20 collective requests from parents and public associations.

According to Mykolaiv, teachers of the Russian language in connection with the cancellation of the appropriate lessons will not be fired – they will teach the world literature.

He added that the Russian language can return to the school at the request of the parents, but under two conditions.

“Of course. And not only Russian. Maybe someone will want to learn Romani, Hungarian, then they can write a treatment. And if you have the appropriate personnel and at least 12 applications from students, these statements will be satisfied. In principle, we have electives in Russian language. Although we believe that they have to finish, ” said Mykolaiv.

However, he added that at the request of parents from the program can not exclude English, math, or another subject from among compulsory.

Mykolaiv is convinced that the abolition of the Russian language does not infringe upon the rights of students, and “helps the government of Ukraine to establish itself and to avoid the loosening that happens due to the Russian language”.

“Do not blame the language itself as a phenomenon. He world, literary. But to blame the people who use it as a tool. We wrestle not against language, but against the tool with which the war began. The more fully Khmelnitsky Ukrainian”, – he said.

Mykolaiv sure that children will be able to read Russian classics in the original, because “TV and radio have completely Russian-speaking”.

As previously reported, in Khmelnitskiy, on Monday in the schools will no longer learn Russian language. This was stated by the mayor of the city Alexander Samchishin.

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