KIA has calculated how much the parties spend on advertising

В КИУ подсчитали, сколько партии тратят на рекламу

MPs do not skimp on advertising

Allocated from the state budget funds to political parties mostly spend on advertising. Most of all the advertising spent of the Radical party, 19 million hryvnias.

The Committee of voters of Ukraine initiates amendments to the law on cancellation of registration of political parties, who do not regularly file their financial statements on the use of allocated funds from the state budget. On this day, January 29, at the conference, said the General Director of the CVU Alexey Purse, reports UKRINFORM.

“Our position at the legislative level to settle this question, and if, say, party two or three times in a row does not submit financial statements, that fact should be a basis for cancellation of the registration certificate”, – he said.

According to a study, every fourth kiu party in Ukraine violates the law and does not submit to NACP’s financial statements.

“But again we see a positive trend. If the first quarter of 2016 filed reports only 195 parties in the second quarter 200 third – 243, the fourth – 257,” said Koshel.

According to him, last year in the first quarter grew by 271 party, in the II and III quarter at 273.

“That is, the trend is growing, but despite all, every fourth batch report do not submit and had to be held accountable”, – said the head of CVU.

According to him, over a year in public funding from September 2016 to September 2017 the party collectively spent nearly half a billion hryvnia – UAH 436 million, of which 407 million UAH of Budget funds. Most funds, 109 million, the party spent on advertising in the media.

“The largest percentage of money is spent “Radical party of Oleh Lyashko”, “Self”, “Opposition bloc” and “people’s front”. RPL spent on advertising, 41% of money (19 of the 47 million), “Self-help” – 38% (39 of 104 million), 33% (5 out of 15 million), NF – 30% (33 out of 109 million), PPB – 21%”, – stated in the study of kiu.

On advertising was spent more, according to KIA than for wages and rent together. For salaries of the party spent 57 million UAH – 13%, rent of 46 million UAH – 11%, for material costs and services was sent to the 66 million or 15%.

Local organizations of the party spent only 16% of cash of 68 million.

Recall that KIA has previously said that the parliamentary political parties have spent a quarter obtained from the budget funds for advertising.