Kiev 6 apartment buildings equipped with alarms

В Киеве 6 многоквартирных домов оборудовали сигнализациями

Six capital’s homes as part of a pilot project were equipped with a system of protection against thefts, 3 in December and 3 in Obolon. This reports the press service of the KSCA. One of these systems in the building on ul. trostyanetskaya, 51 today inspected officials.

“In this house the residents by conducting house of Assembly decided to set the alarm, which helps prevent illegal entry to the basement and in other rooms of the house. In the framework of the pilot project, the city and police Department for protecting the physical security of Kiev was fitted with special equipment. It allows you to call the police to unauthorized attempts to access the basement, where the heat meter or the Elevator room Elevator equipment. Since October of last year, we recorded more than 70 thefts of metering devices, and Elevator coils statistic is even worse: every month hundreds of cases… the Fee for service system is in the range of 3-5 USD per month apartment (depending on the size of the building). It is much more economical, because in case of theft of the counter people lose the ability to pay 20-30% less for heating, and it is 200-300 UAH per month”, – said Petr Panteleyev.

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The Deputy head of KCSA personally checked the readiness of the security system by faking the breaking of the basement. According Panteleyev, after only a few minutes after he started the “hacking”, there arrived a dress of protection.

We will remind, earlier Pyotr Panteleyev said that in Kiev will be only competitive Zheki will be to provide quality services.

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