Kiev accused the separatists in the collapse of withdrawal of troops

Киев обвинил сепаратистов в срыве отвода войск

Breeding forces in the Village Lugansk again thwarted

The Ukrainian side says that the breeding forces again disrupted because of the attacks of the separatists.

Kiev accused the separatists provocations and disruption of the withdrawal of troops and weapons near the village of Lugansk, said the head of the group of the Ukrainian side of the JCCC Borys Kremenetsky.

Earlier in Minsk have agreed that the breeding of forces in the village of the Luhansk can start with on November 26. The main condition for this is called the adherence of silence.

Kremenetsky said that after attack on 18 November the Ukrainian side officially stated that they are ready on November 26 to carry out the withdrawal of forces and means.

“However, the evening of 24 November the positions of AFU in the area was fired again. On the evening of 27 November, the observers recorded the JCCC next attacks by armed groups ORLO plot breeding of forces and means near the settlement the Village Lugansk. On positions of the APU units were used small arms and rocket-propelled grenades,” – said the head of the group SCCC.

According to him, the shelling informed observers hmm OSCE, 28 November it is planned to carry out the photographic images of the consequences of these attacks.

“The shelling on 27 November again postpones breeding capabilities. The recent withdrawal of forces and means in this area received broad public and political outcry, has been the subject of discussions at meetings in Minsk and Berlin,” – said Kremenets.

We will remind, the document on the breeding of the forces in the Donbas was signed on 21 September. It involves the establishment of three security zones in the settlements of gold, petrivs’ke and Stanytsia Luhanska.

Breeding forces took place in the Petrovsky and Gold, however, the withdrawal of troops at the Village endured because of the attacks.