Kiev agreed to cancel the debt with a Russian Bank

Киев договорился о списании долга с российским банком

VTB will write off $ 25 million debt of Ukravtodor

The Ministry of Finance reached agreement on the restructuring of state-guaranteed loan to VTB Capital for $100,8 million.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Finance has agreed with the Russian Bank VTB Capital to write off part of stoelinga loan to Ukravtodor, reported on the website of the Ministry.

The terms of the restructuring provide for the cancellation of 25% of the nominal value of the debt, or $25.2 million and the provision for a specified amount of state derivatives, the conversion of the remaining debt amount of $75,535 million in Eurobonds maturing on September 1, 2019.

The Ministry of Finance also notes that the deal, Ukraine is completing the restructuring of the guaranteed debt.

Previously, the Finance Ministry announced that it will release additional Eurobonds and derivatives $430,6 million for the technical completion of the restructuring of the external debt.