Kiev allowed to carry some items in your POSTS

Киев разрешили провозить некоторые товары в ЛДНР

To control the movement of goods will be brought to the public and volunteers.

The Cabinet published on its website the decision on approval of the procedure of movement of goods in the area or from the area of ATO.

The procedure will regulate in the legal field procedures and rules for the transport of goods, including humanitarian assistance, through the demarcation line and within the buffer zone.

The Cabinet has allowed the movement of goods across the demarcation line in the Donbas without limitation to prevent or eliminate the effects of socio-economic circumstances and emergencies.

According to the document, to control the movement of goods will be brought to the public and volunteers.

The order will come into force 10 days from the date of publication of the corresponding resolution.

Do not move the LDNR and from the “republics” of the goods, except for foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, which moved into part of humanitarian goods as well as goods and products (including operating and maintenance, or necessary in the production process), metallurgical, mining, coal mining and power generating industries, critical infrastructure in the list and volumes (cost, weight, quantity).

They are approved by a common decision by the Ministry temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons and the Ministry of economic development and trade.

Entities are allowed to move goods by rail, except in cases when goods moved to or from the humanitarian and logistics centers.

Recall from the end of January, ATO veterans and some MPs are blockading the railroads in the Donbass, including the supply of coal from uncontrolled areas.

These actions have led to the introduction of the Cabinet of Ministers of emergency measures in the energy sector.

On 1 March the Cabinet approved the procedure for moving between the controlled and the uncontrolled Kiev territory of Donbass.

“The order will provide for the movement of goods, and not trade – in businesses that provide economic growth,” – said the Minister of the occupied territories Vadim Chernysh.

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