Kiev and Budapest establish relations – Klimkin

Киев и Будапешт налаживают отношения - Климкин

The relations of Hungary and Ukraine should soon improve

The foreign Minister of Hungary Peter Siyyarto also assured that he intends to improve relations between the two countries.

Relations between Ukraine and Hungary are improving and Budapest says that the set for further progress. On Tuesday, December 4, said the foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin on the results of participation in the Ministerial meeting of NATO in Brussels, reports European truth.

“I believe that, after consultations that took place this week, we are on an upward trajectory, there are serious questions for further discussion. But we understand that we can do our Hungarian colleagues understand that we have a consistent position: we will on the one hand to defend our interests, and on the other to do anything to help the Hungarian community”, – said Klimkin.

He noted that during today’s meeting, the foreign Minister of Hungary Peter Siyyarto assured that is configured to establish a relationship between the two countries.

“I believe that this debate today is quite productive day after tomorrow will tell after our meeting with the Hungarian Minister of foreign Affairs in Milan. But even today, it is when performed during the Ministerial meeting, also said that we will have real progress,” – said Klimkin.

Note that Hungary blocks the meeting of the Commission Ukraine-NATO at the highest level, but this time did not protest against the presence of foreign Minister of Ukraine at the Ministerial meeting of NATO.

We will remind, after capturing Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait the Hungarian foreign Ministry issued two statements, however, none of them was not condemnation of such actions.

Later the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban said that his government is “Pro-Ukrainian” in spite of the fact that “the Ukrainian government has antiviruskit position.”

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