Kiev and Moscow have responded to the verdict on the debt

Киев и Москва отреагировали на вердикт по долгу

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and Russia, commented on the decision of the court of Appeal of England.

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine considers the decision of the court of Appeal of London permission to appeal against the decision of the court of Appeal in the UK Supreme Court. This is stated in the statement published on the website of the Ministry of Finance on Friday, September 14.

“As far as Ukraine understands, the court of Appeal has granted leave to both parties to appeal the decision of the court of Appeal in the UK Supreme Court. Ukraine is confident that it will be able to convince the Supreme Court to recognize and uphold the findings of the Appellate court. In any case, Ukraine will looking forward soon to claim their arguments and to provide evidence of random acts of aggression during the full and open consideration of the case in the English court”, – is spoken in the message.

The Finance Ministry said that the court decided that Russia “demands from court of claims under the contract … without giving Ukraine the opportunity to defend himself, pushing the defence of compulsion in the course of judicial proceedings.”

“The court of appeal noted that elected Russia’s tactics contrary to the “principles of justice” and is “unfair” – it is told in the message.

One of the motives for the court’s rejection of the position of judge Blair of the court of first instance, accepted the Russian side, was the fact that he did not listen to protect Ukraine under duress: “no country has the right to use its own violations of international law”, reports the Agency.

In turn, the Russian Ministry of Finance reports that the court of Appeal of England confirmed the argument of the Ukraine about Kiev allegedly exerted on the pressure to score for Russia loan of $3 billion.

It is noted that the court only stated that its study needs a comprehensive judicial process.

“The court of appeal confirmed the validity of the fourth argument of the defense, but merely stated that this argument, unlike the other three arguments, declared by Ukraine, cannot be dismissed without conducting a comprehensive judicial process”, – stated in the message.

The Ministry also added that the fourth argument of Ukraine, as the other three grounds, should also be dismissed without trial.

As reported today, the court of Appeal of England has dismissed the appeal of Kiev in the matter of debt to Russia for three billion dollars.


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