Kiev asked not to demolish the Arch of Friendship of peoples

Киевляне просят не сносить Арку Дружбы народов

The Kiev authorities are asked to maintain the Arch of Friendship of peoples. A petition today, may 23, registered on the website of the Council Kirill Trukhin. As of 12:00 she managed to collect 36 signatures.

“Kiev has survived many wars, many wanted it to adjust for themselves, for their worldview, especially the Soviet power… I, as an indigenous resident of Kiev, I would not want a repeat of that terrible history. Any interference in the cultural heritage of Kiev and manipulation of Kiev is unacceptable”, – he wrote. Kirill Trukhin also noted that the Arch of Friendship of peoples is as important a monument as the monument mother of the Motherland, the memorial of Eternal Glory, the monument to Founders of Kiev and many other, together creating the image of a majestic city.

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We will remind, in the Ministry of culture refuted the information on the possible dismantling of the people’s Friendship Arch in Kiev. The Ministry of culture considers the various concepts of the reconstruction of the sculpture, but the demolition of the arch will not, says the press Secretary of the Minister Yevhen Nyshchuk Yulia Datsenko in Facebook.

Earlier, the Minister of culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nyshchuk in a broadcast on Ukrainian television said that Kiev is the Arch of Friendship of peoples, which is dedicated to the Russian-Ukrainian reunification, you may receive the monument to soldiers of the ATO.