Kiev called Putin void the law on citizenship

Киев назвал ничтожным закон Путина о гражданстве

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry sharply reacted to today’s actions of Russia

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine believe this document is a Testament to the complete disregard of international law by the aggressor state.

The Russian law which facilitates the obtaining of citizenship and residence permit in Russia for Ukrainians, discriminare their rights. This reports the press service of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

“We regard this step of the state-aggressor as a continuation of legal discrimination and infringement of rights of citizens of Ukraine who owing to various circumstances live or work in the territory of Russia, and also in the occupied territory of Ukraine. In this regard, we call upon the citizens of Ukraine not to succumb to such provocations and once again warn against the implementation of trips in the Russian Federation”, – said in a statement.

Ukrainian diplomats called the decision of the authorities of the Russian Federation “the evidence of the complete neglect on the part of the aggressor state of international law and the sovereignty of other States”, stressing that the rejection of the citizenship of Ukraine in the form of a notarized statement renouncing the Ukrainian citizenship to the authority of the country of nationality are insignificant in essence and content.

“According to the current legislation of Ukraine, the only document certifying the fact of termination of the citizenship of Ukraine as a way out of him, and his loss is a corresponding decree of the President of Ukraine”, – reminded the Agency.

The foreign Ministry assured that in case of violation of the rights and interests of Russian citizens of Ukraine will receive all necessary consular support in the diplomatic and consular institutions of Ukraine.

As reported Корреспондент.nettoday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a law that simplifies the procedure of granting Ukrainians Russian citizenship.

To obtain Russian passports to Ukrainians need only notarized in Russia, the statement that they renounce their Ukrainian citizenship.

A similar statement will be sent to Ukraine, but there are no documents on the confirmation of renunciation of citizenship is no longer required. But in taking Russian citizenship will have to swear the oath.

For two years citizens of Ukraine were six thousand Russians