Kiev delays by bezveza: the Struggle for power in the EU

Киев о задержке с безвизом: Борьба за власть в ЕС

Klimkin explained the delay in bezveza struggle for power between the European Parliament and the Council of the EU

The European Parliament and the European Council struggled for power, to show who is doing more for the citizens of the EU, says Klimkin.

Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin explained the reasons for the delay in finding a compromise between the European Parliament and the EU Council concerning the mechanism for suspending the visa-free regimes.

We will remind, on the website of the Council of the EU said that Ukraine will receive bezviz with the EU simultaneously with the start of the new mechanism of suspension bizwise.

“I want to say today, what was the problem […]. The European Parliament and the European Council, so to speak, fought for power, to show who in the end do more for European citizens”, – said the Minister to journalists in Hamburg.

He added that the delay was connected also with the situation of migrants in the EU.

“The second point, of course, linked with the national level situation of migration, the situation with terrorist acts. And in this election that will take place, and we completely politically overcome,” – said Klimkin.

“And, of course, still there are not only visa-free regime for us and for Georgia, but there is visa-free for Turkey… And now the question was closed, now today it is a number of technical vote,” – said Klimkin.

Klimkin also said today that visa-free regime with Ukraine will be approved within a couple weeks of the plenary of the European Parliament.

In addition, it was reported that the EU agreed on the abolition of visas for Ukraine. The day before they reached a compromise regarding the main obstacles – the emergency suspension of visa-free regime.