Kiev denies the data of the FSB on the passenger traffic in the Crimea

Киев отрицает данные ФСБ о пассажиропотоке в Крым

Border guards deny the data, the FSB of the passenger traffic in the Crimea

Ukrainian border guards said the decline in the number of visitors from Ukraine to the Peninsula. The FSB claimed the opposite.

In state frontier service noted a reduction in the number of visitors to the Crimea from Ukraine in comparison with the previous year.

This morning, the FSB of Russia said about the growth of passenger traffic in the Crimea from Ukraine. It was also alleged that the number of invalid documents of the Ukrainian citizens at checkpoints.

The representative of state frontier service Andrey Demchenko has denied information of the FSB, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

“From 1 to 18 may, the number of citizens that crossed admingranitsu is 108 thousand people, and the number of vehicles – 19. Last year during the same period it was 118 thousand people and 22 units of transport, that is significantly decrease”, – he said.

Answering the question of “invalid documents”, Demchenko said:

“Most likely, this applies to citizens who go from the Crimea, because the returns people are not included”.

Recall that in January-March this year, the Ukrainians have less to go to the Crimea.