Kiev did not recognize the symbolism of the Nazi SS Galicia

Киев не признал символику СС Галичины нацистской

The symbols SS Galicia in Ukraine is not prohibited

The list of law about Nazi symbols there are no symbols of the division, who fought in the troops of Nazi Germany.

The symbolism of the SS division Galicia, who fought in the troops of Nazi Germany, does not fall under the law banning the promotion of communism and Nazism.

This was stated by the Institute of national remembrance, says the Country.

Director of the Institute Volodymyr viatrovych said that the list of law about Nazi symbols there are no symbols SS Galicia.

“Given this, the symbolism of the 14th Grenadier division of the SS Galicia in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine is not the symbolism of the national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regime,” wrote viatrovych.

We will remind that last year in Lviv, held a March to mark the anniversary of the SS Galicia.

Meanwhile, the Lviv student recently was sentenced for the publication of Communist symbols in the social network. He got 2.6 years of imprisonment conditionally.

Also note that Amnesty International stated that the law on de-communization violates human rights, and detention for the use of Soviet symbols is invalid.