Kiev: Elections in the Crimea – a signal for new sanctions

Киев: Выборы в Крыму – сигнал для новых санкций

Poroshenko criticized the elections in Crimea

The President of Ukraine is convinced that the results of the voting at the elections in Crimea were rigged. He also thanked the Crimeans who have not participated in the vote.

The so-called presidential elections in the temporarily occupied Crimea is yet another grave violation of international law by Russia. This was stated by President Petro Poroshenko, reported on the official website of the President..

“This is not surprising for a country that has systematically and deliberately opposes itself to the outside world. The so-called elections in Crimea is another indication of the neglect of the Kremlin to the founding documents and principles, which over the past 70 years based in international peace and security, including the UN Charter and the Helsinki final act,” the President said.

According to him, the election was illegitimate.

“The results of illegal voting are void and will have no legal consequences. Legitimate presidential elections in Crimea may be only the election of the President of Ukraine”, – said Poroshenko.

The head of state expressed gratitude to the international partners of Ukraine for a clear and uncompromising position expressed the day before the illegal elections that their results will not be recognized, and that Crimea is an integral part of Ukraine.

“I welcome also the decision of the OSCE and other international partners to participate in monitoring the illegal elections in the occupied Crimea. And expect that the final report of the international mission will be clearly stated on the illegality of the conduct of the Russian elections on the territory of Ukrainian Crimea. I am grateful to the Crimeans who did not participate in this farce, despite the serious pressure that they experienced,” stressed Poroshenko.

Poroshenko urged international partners to intensify sanctions pressure on the Kremlin.

“We have to study the list of persons who have planned, promoted, organized, campaigned or participated in daring the election process in Crimea and present it to tougher sanctions against the Russian occupation authorities… And we call on international partners to intensify sanctions pressure on the Kremlin. And not only because of the aggression against Ukraine, but also because of the hybrid war against all European and Euro-Atlantic community, because political assassinations abroad, and the suppression of democracy in Russia”, – said the head of state.

Poroshenko stressed that Ukraine will increase efforts to put an end to gross violation by the occupation authorities of human rights in Crimea.

“Ukrainian Crimea in chains Russian occupation turned into a Peninsula of freedom and a military base. We will increase our efforts, including in the framework of international organizations and courts in order to put an end to gross violation by the occupation authorities of human rights in the Crimea”, – he stressed.

Also, as noted Poroshenko, Ukraine will continue to fight for the liberation of all without exception of Ukrainian political prisoners behind bars on the Peninsula and in Russia.

Recall that Poland considers the elections of the President of Russia on the territory of the Crimea illegal.

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