Kiev factory has developed a machine gun-grenade launcher module

Киевский завод разработал пулеметно-гранатометный модуль

The Ukroboronprom has developed the latest machine gun / grenade launcher module for military equipment

Introduced innovative computerized fire control system “Chestnut”.

Kiev armored plant, part of Ukroboronprom, has developed the latest machine-gun-granulometry module for military equipment. This is stated in the press service of Urbanpromo.

Reportedly, he installed an innovative computer fire control system “Chestnut”, which is designed for remote weapon sighting with video cameras.

“Feature of the system “Chestnut” is that it is based on universal electronics protected computer and microprocessors. Here we have used modern approaches to automated video surveillance systems, intelligent image processing and management. To the system you can connect video cameras of different types and different amounts of”, – stated in the message.

The ability of the system Kashtan possible to follow up the purpose by day at a distance 1800-8000 600-2000 meters and meters at night. It detects targets such as infantry fighting vehicles at a range of 500-4000 meters in just 15 seconds.

It is reported that machine-gun / grenade launcher module is designed to engage manpower, vehicles, ground and low-flying objects. It can be installed on wheeled and tracked vehicles and stationary objects.

In addition, the armament comprises a 30 mm automatic cannon ZTM-1 or 2A72 with 400 rounds, a coaxial machine gun KT-7.62 mm PKT or with ammunition 2,000 rounds, 30-mm automatic grenade launcher AG-17, 81 mm complex setting smoke screens 902В “Cloud.” At the request of the customer can be set ATRA.

Earlier, the Kiev armored plant handed over to the national guard the first batch of six new armored personnel carriers BTR-3Е1Д.

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