Kiev forgot about the national interests by promising not to introduce a ban on the export of round timber, – Medvedchuk

Promising European officials not to implement a ban on the export of roundwood, the official Kiev completely forgotten about the national interests, the leader of the Public movement “the Ukrainian choice — the Right of the people” Viktor Medvedchuk.

“Kiev had long prepared the ground for the lifting of the moratorium on the export of roundwood. The Ministry of economic development and trade had said that the current ban on the export of unprocessed timber contrary to the provisions of a number of documents signed by Kiev, the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, the Memorandum of understanding between Ukraine as the borrower and European Union as the creditor, the WTO Agreement. Thus, the fact that the said agreement was to the detriment of economic and national interests of Ukraine, provisions on the FTA with the EU, and the WTO are clearly discriminatory against our country ― Ukrainian “public-spirited” government does not bother”, — the politician wrote in his blog.

Moreover, the leader of “Ukrainian choice” sure to generate “correct opinions” of the people, the government launched the flywheel of the propaganda machine.

“The Minister of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine Taras Kutovoy said that a third of deforestation in the Carpathians is illegal. Pocket experts diligently wrote about the fact that the wood exported through customs under other commodity codes, and tried to convince the public that the resumption of timber exports will create jobs and increase payments to the budget”, — gave examples of Medvedchuk.

He also commented on the decision taken during the summit Ukraine ― the EU decision that Ukraine will not ban the export of roundwood.

“After the failure with the IMF loan and the EU’s refusal to provide Ukraine tranche in the amount of 600 million euros, the official Kiev completely forgotten about the national interests. Instead of trying to restore order in the country, to rebuild the economy, to stimulate growth in production and exports of finished products with high added value, the integration for regular loans turned Ukraine into a raw materials appendage of the West. This means that neither economic prosperity nor a decent standard of living for Ukrainians to be expected. At least as long as staying in power, the “reformers”put the interests of Western patrons ahead of national interests of Ukraine”, — said Viktor Medvedchuk.