Kiev gave the DNR a list of 25 prisoners for exchange

Киев передал ДНР список из 25 пленных для обмена

Ukraine expects to release 25 hostages in exchange for 50 people on the eve of Easter.

In the negotiations of the trilateral contact group in Minsk, the Ukrainian side gave the DNR a list of 25 prisoners, demanding release. About this in Facebook said the first Vice speaker of the Rada Irina Gerashchenko.

“We gave ORDO a list of 25 Ukrainians requiring urgent medical care who have long been in prison, have health problems, to them as quickly as possible was released. For this Ukrainian side is ready to give 50 people who are wanted by the representatives of individual regions of Donetsk region”, – she wrote.

Note, negotiators in Minsk constantly raise the issue of exchange of prisoners, but each time to no avail. In the end, at the meeting on March 23 in Minsk agreed to establish a “road map” for the exchange of prisoners.

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