Kiev has accused Moscow of reduction of gas transit

Киев обвинил Москву в снижении транзита газа

Ukraine accused Russia of reducing gas transit

From December 22 the Russian gas transit decreased by 19 percent due to increased supply of Nord stream to OPAL gas pipeline

Naftogaz accused Russia’s Gazprom in purposeful actions to limit the transit of Ukrainian gas transportation system.

The press service of the Ukrainian company reported that as of December 22, the transit of Russian gas fell by 19 percent due to the increase of supply Nord stream the gas pipeline OPAL.

On 28 October the European Commission approved expanded access for Gazprom to the Opal. Thus, Russia got 90 percent of the total capacity of the pipeline at 25.6 billion cubic meters. However, recently the court has suspended the decision on access of Gazprom to Opal.

In Naftogaz referred to the data of the European network of gas transmission system operators (ENTSOG), according to which as of December 22, Gazprom has significantly increased the volume of gas transportation through the Nord stream gas pipeline.

“Almost all of the additional volumes passed through the OPAL pipeline. The volume of transit of Ukraine during this time decreased significantly, and the daily total volume of gas supplies to Europe by two routes is not actually changed,” – said in the message.

In Naftogaz said that the data ENTSOG suggests a relationship between the increased use of OPAL and reduction of transit Ukraine and Slovakia.

“This casts doubt on the assertion that the decision of the European Commission to improve the access of Gazprom to OPAL and deviation from the standard of the European legislation will not lead to a decrease in the volume of transit of Russian gas through the territory of Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

Yesterday it was reported that Gazprom reduced gas pressure at the inlet to the gas transportation system of Ukraine.