Kiev has advised Moscow of “hysteria” because of the missiles

Киев посоветовал Москве "не истерить" из-за ракет

Turchinov asked Russian “hysteria” of missile tests Ukraine

Ukraine is not going to conduct missile firing near the Kerch Strait, there ends the airspace of the Russian Federation.

The head of the NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov has said that Ukraine is not planning to conduct missile tests in the Kerch Strait, so the “hysteria of Russia” does not make sense.

Today, Russia demanded from Ukraine to cancel the missile exercises in the vicinity of Simferopol. It was alleged that Kiev “has unilaterally taken the decision to conduct missile firings in the sovereign airspace of the Russian Federation”.

“Hysteria Russia that Ukraine, violating all international agreements, unilaterally took the decision to conduct missile tests in the “sovereign airspace of the Russian Federation” is devoid of common sense,” – said Turchinov.

He noted that, according to all international agreements, sovereign airspace of Russia in the Black sea ends up in the middle of the Kerch Strait.

“In this area Ukraine has no plans to conduct missile tests. The rest of the territory West of the Kerch Strait is the sovereign airspace of Ukraine”, – said Turchinov, adding that Ukraine conducts missile tests under all international obligations and treaties.

It should be noted that recently Russia raised the alarm in the army at the borders with Ukraine,

In addition, in September due to Russian military exercises in the Crimea canceled dozens of flights.