Kiev has offered to Elon musk cooperation

Киев предложил Илону Маску сотрудничество

Groysman sent the founder of Tesla and SpaceX a letter regarding the project on energy saving in Ukraine.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that he had sent the founder of SpaceX and Tesla Elon musk a formal appeal regarding the energy efficiency project in Ukraine.

The Prime Minister said that in the Zhytomyr region to journalists.

“I sent him an official appeal, so we can start a discussion about the energy infrastructure in Ukraine, using the features of energy facilities. When a response is received, I will report it,” said Groisman.

That Elon Musk is ready to start the project in Ukraine, it was reported about two weeks ago. Then he in response to the corresponding question on Twitter said that he was ready, and called the price for the package.

Groisman wrote in response that Ukraine really wants to become a testing ground for innovation.

Elon Musk is associated with the energy company SolarCity, involved in the design, financing and installation of solar energy systems.

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