Kiev invited. Opened a new gas pipeline to Europe

Киев приглашен. Открыт новый газопровод в Европу

The President of Ukraine took part in the opening of the southern gas corridor from Azerbaijan to Europe

The President of Ukraine took part in the opening of the pipeline, which aims to weaken Europe’s dependence on gas from Russia.

Turkey opened the TRANS-Anatolian pipeline TANAP, designed to compete with the supplies of Russian company Gazprom in the European Union.

The ceremony on the evening of June 12, held the Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan Reger. The symbolic valve with him Unscrew, among others, the President of Petro Poroshenko.

TANAP is part of the southern gas corridor. During the talks the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has invited Ukraine to participate in the project. Poroshenko said that Ukraine will be happy to get gas for TANAP. Корреспондент.net gathered details.


From Azerbaijan to the EU

29 may the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has attended the opening of the southern gas corridor one of the links of a new chain of gas pipelines capable of supplying Caspian gas to Europe.

TANAP is part of the southern gas corridor, which goes from Baku to Italy via Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Albania. Now started delivery to Turkey.

The southern gas corridor project envisions transportation of 10 billion cubic meters of Azerbaijani gas to Europe. The project also includes the already existing South Caucasus pipeline and the new TRANS-Adriatic (TAP) gas pipeline.

In 2017 during the exhibition Oil and gas of the Caspian sea, the southern gas corridor project supported by the President of the United States Donald trump. In 2018 the European investment Bank issued the TAR one of the largest loans in its history – Millard 1,5 euros. The total cost of the pipeline is estimated at 4.5 milliard euros.

Киев приглашен. Открыт новый газопровод в Европу

The scheme of the southern gas corridor in the EU

June 12, Erdogan opened a Central portion of the pipeline system with a total value of $ 40 billion.

The ceremony was also attended by the presidents of Azerbaijan, Serbia and Ukraine, and the leader of the unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Mustafa Akinci, the energy Ministers of several countries, heads of energy companies.

The first part of the project – the South Caucasus pipeline from Azerbaijan via Georgia to Turkey – for more than a decade pumping gas from the first phase of Shah Deniz.

The second phase TANAP, and the third TAP is designed for the second phase development of Shah-Deniz and the output of Azeri gas to the European market. By 2020 it is planned to finish the remaining thousand kilometers of the gas pipeline to Italy.

Since that time, the partners expect to sell 16 billion cubic meters per year, of which 10 billion – to Europe, the rest in Turkey. After six years, they will be ready to double its capacity.


The pipeline to reduce the EU’s dependence on Russia

Now, the EU imports about 360 billion cubic meters, of which about $ 160 billion accounts for Russian gas.

Vice-President of the European Commission for energy maroš Šefčovič said that the southern gas corridor contributes to the diversification of energy supplies to Europe and is a strategically important project for energy security of the EU.

“We will all benefit from this “bridge” between the Caspian region and the EU market. In our common interest to succeed. Our long-term goal is to create a common European energy market based on free trade, competition and diversified supply sources and routes”, – said Sefcovic.

Киев приглашен. Открыт новый газопровод в Европу

Turkey launched the TANAP / Kayhan Ozer Presidency Press Service

Deputy assistant Secretary of state Sandra Odekirk said that the TRANS-Anatolian gas pipeline will contribute to energy security of Europe and Turkey.

“The U.S. is not invested in TANAP and will not receive commercial benefit from the project. Despite that, Washington supports the implementation of the project as it contributes to diversification of energy supplies and energy security,” she said.


Ukraine and the southern gas corridor

President Petro Poroshenko wrote on Twitter that Ukraine could start receiving gas from the TRANS-Anatolian gas pipeline through Bulgaria and Romania.

“Today we agreed that we will more than happy to diversify our energy sources and to gas via TANAP through Bulgaria and Romania”, – said Poroshenko at the ceremony.

He noted that now the whole region will be able to obtain stronger security and wider energy perspective.

“As clearly evidenced by the past decade, energy resources of the Russian Federation periodically abused. They became in their hands an instrument of pressure on volatile countries to influence their domestic and foreign policies. Or to punish them when these attempts failed,” – said Poroshenko.

As an example he cited the gas pipeline Nord stream-2, calling it “the number of geopolitical” project.

“TANAP is energy security of Azerbaijan and Turkey. But also energy security of Europe energy security of Ukraine, diversification of its gas supplies and competitiveness,” the President said.

Ukraine fully supports the project, said Poroshenko.

Киев приглашен. Открыт новый газопровод в Европу

Poroshenko spoke at the opening of TANAP / EPA

“We count on the support of Turkey and Azerbaijan additional energy supply to Ukraine alternative routes. I believe that in the near future we will find a way to attract natural gas from Azerbaijan,” he said.

On the website of the Ukrainian President said that the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev for talks with Poroshenko invited Ukraine to participate in the project southern gas corridor.

The report notes that the two leaders paid special attention to the “further deepening of cooperation in the energy sector” and expansion of “mutually beneficial relations in the trilateral format Ukraine-Azerbaijan-Turkey”.

Ukraine opposes the construction of the Nord stream-2, because it will lose billions of profits for the transit of Russian gas through its territory. Oppose the pipeline are also the countries of Eastern Europe and the United States. They say that the stream increase the EU’s dependence on Russia.

In addition, the experts called Nord stream-2, one of the Russian projects, which isolate Ukraine from the rest of the world.

Last month, Naftogaz began the seizure of assets of companies in the Nord Stream and Nord Stream-2, which are engaged in the construction of the Nord stream-2.


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