Kiev is in the last top ten cities for quality of life, - The Economist

Kiev is in the last top ten cities for quality of life, which was the analytical Department of the Economist.

The rating is made taking into account various indicators in five areas: stability (25% of the total), health (20%), culture and environment (25%), education (10%), infrastructure (20%).

Climatic conditions and cost of living are not taken into account.

Every indicator of quality of life assessed by this scale: acceptable, satisfactory, uncomfortable, undesirable, unbearable.

The rating on each indicator exhibit local experts and correspondent of the Economist, who lives in a city.

According to these criteria, and rating, where 100 points mean that the city is ideal for living, and 1 point - that life in the city unbearable.

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Kiev in this rating took 131 place out of 140 and was close to the African cities and the capital of Syria, Damascus.

As the newspaper notes, the position in the ranking significantly affect military and civil conflicts, and terrorist threat.

Note that the first places in the ranking took the Australian, canadian and new Zealand cities and three European cities - Vienna, Helsinki and Hamburg.

Note also that this year in Ukraine recorded a record low satisfaction level of life. The people of Ukraine appreciated the level of life on four points out of ten.