Kiev is ready for a serious compromise on the prisoners

Киев готов на серьезные компромиссы по пленным

Amnesty is not associated with the points of agreement on prisoners of war, insists the Ukrainian side.

Ukraine is ready to make serious concessions with the goal of immediate release of its citizens from captivity of separatists, reported the press Secretary of the Ukrainian representative in the Tripartite contact group Leonid Kuchma Daria olifer.

“We continue to work to free the hostages. In order to 107 people were able to return to their loved ones, Ukraine is ready to make serious compromises. We demand the immediate release of the citizens and oppose the blackmail on this issue: Amnesty for an item of the Minsk agreements, and its decision has nothing to do with the liberation of the people,” she wrote on Facebook following the meeting in Minsk.

In addition, the Ukrainian side once again calls for tolerance international humanitarian organizations to illegally held in non-government controlled parts of Donbass.

She also reported that in Minsk discussed and stated the necessity of complete ceasefire in the region on 1 September.

“The trilateral contact group with participation of representatives OGLO stated the need for full indefinite ceasefire in the Donbass, from 1 September 2016…Ukraine insists on a complete cessation of fire. The Ukrainian side is consistently fulfilling the Minsk agreements, and calls upon the Russian Federation and ORDO not to violate its obligations and from 1 September 2016, all has to stop to shoot,” she wrote.

In addition, she reminded that the basis for the implementation of the key points of the Minsk agreement is the return of the Ukrainian control over the border with Russia in the Donbass.

Earlier in the SBU said that it was ready to release all the prisoners in exchange for freeing their hostages.

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