Kiev Lethal arms to Ukraine only gave Lithuania

Киев: Летальное оружие Украине дала только Литва

Ukraine expects the provision of arms from the first day of the Russian aggression.

Ukraine in 2014, in the first days of Russian aggression appealed to all countries with the request for lethal weapons. While such assistance had only Lithuania, said defense Minister Stepan Poltorak.

“We (grant of arms – ed.) is expected from the first day of Russian aggression against Ukraine. We appealed to all countries of the world provide us with lethal weapons. Us such assistance had only Lithuania”, – said the Minister.

Poltorak added that Ukraine is waiting and ready to receive lethal weapons.

“But the decision is not ours, and the partner countries. We hope that this support”, – said the Minister of defence.

Lethal weapon of the USA in Ukraine – journalist

Earlier it was reported that the US State Department has announced a tender for the purchase of military equipment training for Ukraine.