Kiev need to recognize the stray cats part of the urban ecosystem

Киевляне требуют признать бездомных котов частью городской экосистемы

Homeless cat

Victoria from Kiev kiriluk registered on the website of the KSCA petition to recognize the stray cats part of the urban ecosystem and allow them to live freely in basements, attics and other places of their permanent stay.

“Recently in the capital of our country there is a terrible tendency to increase the number of cases of termination of the cats in the basement of residential buildings. To protect animals from such cruel treatment, it is necessary to admit the outdoor cats part of the ecosystem of the city of Kiev and ban them unjustly catch and murder,” – said Kirilyuk Victoria in their petition.

According to the author of the petition, Kiev should take an example of the practice of European cities and allow the cats to live freely and move around in basements and attics, because they destroy rodents.

“They perform a very important function of natural deratization – destruction of rodents, which are carriers of many infections,” reads the petition.

In addition, it is proposed to pay special attention to the breeding of outdoor cats: the implementation of humane biostabilization, vaccination, registration, and arrangement of buildings.

The petition required by the relevant resolution of the city Council to proclaim the cats full free inhabitants of Kiev. Also the author of the petition asks to amend the rules of improvement, the rules of detention houses and adjoining areas, to make appropriate amendments to the authority.

The petition was registered on Tuesday, December 20. It will be reviewed by city Council in case of 89 days will rack up 10 thousand.

Earlier, the Kyiv city state administration blocked 6880 votes under a petition on the renaming of the Avenue of Stepan Bandera prospect of Vladimir the Great because of fraud.