Kiev paralyzed the 8-point plug

Киев парализовали 8-балльные пробки

19:00 , the Level of traffic in Kiev has risen to 8 points. Traffic on prospect, South bridge, riverside road, the Boulevard of Friendship of peoples Boulevard of Lesya Ukrainka. On the bridge Paton and Darnitskiy bridge traffic returned to normal.

18:18 the Level of congestion of roads of the capital has reached 6 points. This is evidenced by data “Yandex. Tube”. From-for road accident movement on the Boulevard of Friendship of peoples in the direction of the bridge Paton paralyzed. On the bridge Paton, and there have been several accidents because of this there was formed tube in the direction of the left Bank. Tube from the highway naddnepryanskogo highway embankment. Traffic on Darnytskyi and South bridges to the left Bank.

Recall yesterday in Kiev was recorded 8-point plug.