Kiev protested the attack on a cultural center in Russia

Киев возмутился атакой на культурный центр в РФ

Kyiv demands to investigate the attack on the Ukrainian cultural center in Moscow

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry has urged Moscow to investigate the burning of the flag of Ukraine and the attack on cultural centre in Moscow.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine has expressed protest to Russia because of the attack on Tuesday at the national cultural centre of Ukraine in Moscow and the burning of Ukrainian flag.

“The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine is extremely outraged by the fact that criminal abuse in Russia over the state symbol of Ukraine – the State Flag arson committed during the attack on the premises of the National cultural center of Ukraine in Moscow, a group of radical youths 22 Nov 2016”, – stated in the message press-service.

The Agency also stated that the systematic carrying out “similar acts” under walls of the Ukrainian companies, and the lack of proper police reaction.

“The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed strong protest to the Russian side, stressing the urgent requirements of a criminal investigation and calling for the publicity of the court verdict to all involved in its Commission”, – is told in the message.

Earlier in Moscow spilled paint images from the war in the Donbass, and smashed an exhibition on the war in the Donbass.

And in August the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow threw eggs.