Kiev protested the Czech Republic for the visit of the Deputy in the Crimea

Киев выразил протест Чехии из-за визита депутата в Крым

Ukraine has expressed protest to the Czech Republic for the visit of the Deputy in the Crimea

The Ukrainian Embassy has condemned the visit of the Deputy of the Parliament of the Czech Republic in the Crimea.

Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic expressed its protest over the visit to the Crimea, Deputy of the Czech Parliament Jaroslav Golik, reports Radio Liberty.

Earlier it was reported that a three-day visit to the Crimea arrived the delegation of the European politicians and Latin American and Ukrainian politicians. SBU later confirmed the visit of the Ukrainian politicians.

“In celebration of the third anniversary of the theft of Crimea by the Russian authorities had brought to the island a bunch of foreign politicians with a low threshold of political hygiene. It is very sad that among them were Yaroslav Golik, member of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, a country that knows from experience what the occupation and annexation”, said the Embassy statement.

It is also reported that the Ukrainian Embassy “strongly condemned osushestvleniya unauthorized and in violation of Ukrainian legislation visits Golik Autonomous Republic of Crimea”.

Note that Jaroslav Golik is the Parliament eurosceptic and anti-immigrant movement “Freedom and direct democracy”, prinadlezhashie to the radical political forces of the Czech Republic.

Earlier, Kiev has threatened sanctions to politicians who went to the Crimea.