Kiev: Russia will build a “wall” on border with Crimea

Киев: РФ возведет "стену" на границе с Крымом

Graffiti in Simferopol

The active phase of construction will begin in the spring.

Russia in the spring of 2018 will begin an active phase of construction of the so-called wall on the administrative border with mainland Ukraine annexed Crimea. About this informed the press-Secretary of the State border service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodyan in the air of Gromadsky.

According to Slobodyan, any large-scale construction in the autumn-winter period is impractical and quite difficult.

“Before the New year will complete the legal registration process. Therefore, most likely, the active phase of construction will begin in spring,” he said.

Ukraine to build some permanent buildings will not, said the speaker of the gpsu.

Slobodyan noted that it is rather a moral question: “Why are we retreating from its citizens and on the territory of Ukraine to build some permanent infrastructure of the building, if we clearly intend to return the Crimea”.

Earlier it was reported that in the Kerch to the construction of the bridge from the annexed Crimea in neighboring Russia delivered on floating platforms road arch, which are going to install the bridge supports.