Kiev said about his innocence in the incident with Belavia

Киев заявил о своей правоте в инциденте с Белавиа

Ukraine pleads not guilty in incident with Belavia

In the SBU and the company insist that the actions of their employees meet domestic and international standards.

In the SBU and the company conducted an analysis of the incident with the plane of Belavia and recognized the actions of its employees relevant domestic and international norms, said the service response to the request to Ukrainian news.

We will remind, on October 21 Belavia flight back to Kiev with threats threatened to raise the fighters. After planting was removed one passenger. It is noteworthy that President Poroshenko apologized to Lukashenko for the incident.

“It is confirmed that the Manager of air traffic control operated in accordance with international practice”, – is spoken in the reply of the state enterprise of service of air traffic of the country, UkSATSE.

The SBU also said that their employees did not give any instructions to the managers. The Department argued that if they received information about a possible threat to national security, as reported by the managers of Ukraeroruh.

However, as they say in the SBU, by the time the plane was up in the air after the test measures revealed that the security threat is localized.

“During communications between the dispatcher and the plane, the SBU were not in control and no additional instructions were not given. SBU was acting within the scope of the security of the country and its citizens,” – said in response to the intelligence agencies.

Earlier in the SBU said on the fighters and Belavia, explaining the incident to the human factor. Then the Ministry claimed that the Manager overreacted.

Also we will remind that the passenger flights Belavia, which was removed from the flight, filed a lawsuit in the SBU.