Kiev sent a note of protest to Berlin

Киев направил ноту протеста Берлину

Ukraine has expressed protest against the visit of German policy in the Crimea.

Ukraine has sent to the German foreign Ministry a note of protest in connection with the trip to the Crimea MEP Markus Pretzel, writes Spiegel.

“Illegal entry into the territory of the Crimea is a serious offence”, – such statement was made by Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Andrey Melnik.

He stressed that the German government should “take all necessary measures to prevent such violations of the laws of Ukraine in the future.”

Pretzel visited in the Crimea on April 14. In addition to Pretzel, in the Crimea arrived eight European politicians.

Recall that in March, Ukraine sent a note to the French for coming to nice by the delegation from Yalta.

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