Kiev – the weapon, the RF – isolation. Volker on Ukraine

Киеву - оружие, РФ - изоляция. Волкер об Украине

The US special envoy on Ukraine Kurt Volker

Diplomatic negotiations United States and Russia are against likely provide Kiev American weapons.

New White house administration has joined the negotiations on the Donbass – last week, the US special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker met with the assistant to the Russian President Vladislav Surkov, who also oversees the Ukrainian theme in the Kremlin.

Walker and marmots after the meeting told about fresh ideas and arrangements, which, according to them, should help to resolve the conflict in the Donbass.

While contacts between Washington and Moscow come amid increasingly likely provide Kiev American weapons.


The results of the negotiations

The first meeting of the Walker and Surkov took place in Minsk on 21 August, behind closed media doors. It is known that the American side offered to meet in Vienna, Russia – in Kaliningrad, however, converged on Minsk, as a compromise.

The meeting place was not disclosed, but the Belarusian media have noticed us and Russian diplomatic cars near the President hotel in Minsk, where the negotiations of the Trilateral contact group on Ukraine.

Киеву - оружие, РФ - изоляция. Волкер об Украине


The briefing, after three hours of negotiations also was not provided, but the assistant of the President of Russia talks to reporters.

According to him, the parties during the “useful and constructive” the meeting expressed dissatisfaction with the pace “of the peace process in the sphere of security” in Eastern Ukraine.

“Both sides offered fresh ideas and innovative approaches. Agreed that the peace process on the political track and in the field of security can and should go faster,” he said, noting that Walker agreed that the situation in the East of Ukraine cannot satisfy any of the parties to the conflict.

As reported by Interfax, citing a knowledgeable source, “the meeting was low-key, was rather a work, study, nature.” RBC learned that the talks planned to discuss the Minsk agreement and the supply of Ukrainian engines in the DPRK.

Welker about meeting with Surkov told only a few days in an interview with TV Rain.

“We have agreed that we will find a way out of this situation,” said American Commissioner for the Ukraine.

According to him, the parties agreed that the importance in the situation in Eastern Ukraine is the security aspect and the political aspect.

“At the moment, the Minsk process will not solve the problem. Of course, it is necessary and very important. In the end we will be able to use it, but now we need to increase the level of security and to ensure that Ukraine conditions so that it could protect its territory,” – said Walker.

He stressed that the interest of Russia in the Ukrainian conflict destabilizie the situation, and the parties must create the conditions for a real cease-fire.

“I know that channel four is now also discusses this issue and proposes to re-establish the ceasefire. It would be a great first step to resolving the conflict. In the end, the Russian Federation acknowledges that according to the Minsk arrangements in these territories should be returned to Ukraine… and not to be occupied territory. For that to happen, you need to withdraw Russian troops and to keep people safe, to enable them to feel confident,” said Walker.

Commenting on the appointment, Walker commented positively on the meeting with Surkov.

“It was a serious and Frank conversation. We had some disagreements. Everything was fair and transparent,” said the American official.

Donbass will bring Russia to complete isolation

At the end of last week, Walker gave a few interviews to Western and Ukrainian publications in which he expounded his view on Ukraine.

The Financial Times, Volcker said that the U.S.-Russian relationship will suffer, if not be found out of crisis in Ukraine. He noted that Russia will have to “make fundamental decisions” regarding compliance with the Minsk agreements.

Walker also confirmed that the administration of President Donald trump is seriously considering supplying defensive weapons to Kiev, which will allow Ukraine to protect itself from further aggression from Russia.

The previous President Barack Obama spoke out against it. “The administration of President trump is now discussing – should continue this policy of the Obama administration, or whether it should change. While there are no new solutions, but it is seriously discussed at the highest level”, – the newspaper quoted Kurt Volker.

Walker said after the meeting with Surkov had the impression that Russia is ready to continue to live with the current status quo.

“But I don’t think it brings them the rewards. During its presence in Donbas Russia is paying in the international arena, both in terms of sanctions, and politically. And frankly, this situation will deteriorate over time. Diplomatic and economic relations with Russia will be frozen because of this and Russia, of course, doesn’t want that. In my opinion, she should make a choice based on his own calculations,” said Kurt Volker.

According to him, Moscow is likely to have been surprised as the determination of Ukraine and the transatlantic unity on the issue of sanctions, and after the election of the presidents of trump in the US and Emmanuel macron of France, wanted to test how serious remains is unity.

According to Volcker, Russia will have to “make fundamental decisions” regarding compliance with the Minsk agreements.

In an interview to Ukrainian TV channel Direct he spoke about the unwillingness of Ukraine to join NATO and why the renunciation of nuclear weapons is a positive decision.

“If Ukraine joined the countries that have renounced nuclear weapons, this would not be a good solution. I don’t think nuclear weapons would be something positive for Ukraine. I would not like to see Ukraine again revived the process,” said Walker.

He noted that now there are big problems in the security sphere with Russia in the East and in connection with the annexation of Crimea.

“In 1994, no one thought that Russia could do that. Nobody expected that there will be such a problem that we have to work. The restoration of sovereignty in Ukraine should occur through security in Ukraine”, – said the American envoy.

Walker urged to think about the lives of people in the East of Ukraine, which, according to him, among other things, do not have any information about what is happening in Kiev.

“Now this is a very dramatic story… Now I see that it was the right decision in 1994 with the Budapest Memorandum. And we continue to work on development of Ukraine as a successful state, restore its sovereignty,” stressed Walker.

“I respect Ukraine, but I do not see the possibility that Ukraine is ready to join NATO, and NATO is ready to accept Ukraine in the situation in which it is,” said Walker.

He noted that before joining NATO, Ukraine should “reforms concerning defense and security and to tighten its economy and to overcome corruption and improve relations with neighbors.”

Walker added that it would restore the good business climate in Ukraine, which is the main criterion for investment.

The us official also underlined that the process of accession to the North Atlantic Alliance takes a lot of time.

“The US, EU, Russia – everyone needs to understand that Ukraine is an independent state. Nobody can say when to join NATO. But this does not mean that Ukraine is close to that to get an invitation for NATO membership”, – said Walker.

He also said that Western countries must be ready for aggression from Russia in connection with Russian military exercises Zapad-2017. According to him, the Western community should develop its own security system and to work together on this.

The Pentagon has decided to give arms to Kiev

During his visit to Ukraine, which took place last week, Secretary of defense James Mattis confirmed that he personally supports the idea of providing Kiev “defensive weapons”. Note that this is the first in ten years, the visit of the head of the Pentagon in Ukraine.

According to recent reports, a new batch of military aid could include anti-tank missile systems Javelin, with which Ukraine will be able to more effectively fight against Russian-backed separatists in the Donbass.

Mattis and NATO troops took part in the parade devoted to independence Day of Ukraine on August 24. Experts say about the powerful symbolism of the event.

For example, the head of the Center for international security behalf of Brent Scowcroft at the Atlantic Council, Alexander Vershbow, in an interview with DW stated that in this step the Alliance has clearly demonstrated its commitment to the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine.

“This is the message that the West will not accept Russia’s ambitions to restore its hegemony in the post-Soviet space. He will continue to support the efforts of Ukraine aimed at protecting, preserving their independence and returning its territories occupied by Russia”, – says Vershbow.

Question about delivery in the country of heavy lethal weapons is discussed from the very beginning of the conflict in the East of Ukraine in 2014, but beyond the discussion, he never came out. Was not declared on the supply and after the Kiev Mattis talks with President Petro Poroshenko.

“I’ll be right back to myself, and from what I saw and what I learned, I will, of course, to inform the country’s leadership about some very specific things that I will recommend to implement,” said Mattis on the question of whether to begin such deliveries.

“Today I would not like to comment on these issues, but I can say that the discussion I, as President of Ukraine satisfied,” – said Poroshenko.

Later, Walker said that Mattis during his visit to Ukraine on August 23-24 and brought military equipment for the Armed forces of Ukraine.