Kiev will dekommunizirovat 5 more monuments

Киеву предстоит декоммунизировать еще 5 памятников

In Kiev there are 5 to dismantle the Communist monuments. This was stated by Advisor to the mayor of Moscow on issues of improvement Dmitry Belotserkovets, reports “Ukrainska Pravda. Kyiv”.

“We have not decommunization remain the following objects: a monument to security officers, fencing on the bridge Paton – you need to include, what to replace Soviet symbols, which take off, and need funding from the budget; the wall to the metro station” Theatre “, now closed cloth, it is necessary to order the dismantling project, and the project that will be installed instead; the Motherland – here should be the reaction of the Ministry of culture, as it is the object of the Ministry of culture, city this has nothing to do, the monument to Shchors”, – he said.

Belozerkovez noted that in the case that the Arch of Friendship of peoples will be demolished, the money to dismantle the Cabinet will allocate, as it is a very expensive project and the city does not have such means.

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According to the adviser of the mayor, the capital city faster than other cities comply with the law on decommunization. “Kiev is in first place in Ukraine on renaming of streets. We have the law on decommunization under renaming 159 fell street. Already renamed 146, leaving only 13,” said he.

Thus, according to the law on decommunization, all the Communist monuments in Ukraine had to be demolished until may 21, 2016. The delay in dismantling the Kiev Belotserkovets explained by the absence of the territory in which it is possible to collect all the monuments.

Earlier it was reported that dekommunizirovannogo monuments of Kiev will be temporarily stored on one of the open platforms at the airport “Kiev” (“Zhulyany”). According to Belozerka, there already had been brought dismantled memorial plaques and more than 10 monuments.

We will remind, till the end of the year with the statue “mother Motherland” in Kiev plan to dismantle the Soviet coat of arms.

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