Kiev will offer the IMF a few variants of formation of gas prices

Киев предложит МВФ несколько вариантов формирования цены на газ

Meeting of Directors of the IMF

Now the work with the IMF, there is the question of creating an anti-corruption court. Only then the Fund’s position will become more flexible.

The government of Ukraine is quite likely to find in common with the IMF’s approach to establishing criteria for the formation of gas prices. This was announced by the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleksandr Saenko.

“We have a consensus with the IMF that we are talking about the formula itself, not changing principles. The IMF, the NBU went to Washington to conduct appropriate negotiations. I think we have enough chances to find the General IMF approach to establish criteria for the formation of gas prices”, – quotes Saenko government portal.

He added that the consideration of the IMF will be offered several options, but the formula must be fair.

“Now the work with the IMF, there is the question of creating an anti-corruption court, and in case of successful decision of this question the position of the Fund, we expect to be more flexible, especially because we have a mutual understanding on the General principles of cooperation”, – said Saenko.

Speaking about the range of variation of the price of gas, the official stressed that this will depend on the formula that is agreed upon. “I believe that the right policies, safeguarding public interest may eventually make Ukraine a gas exporter,” said Saenko.

Earlier, the US urged Ukraine to raise gas prices for households and to create anti-corruption court.


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