Kiev will review the “black list” artists from Russia

Киев пересмотрит "черный список" артистов из РФ

In the lists of some representatives of the creative intelligentsia came by accident.

The list of banned in Ukraine the Russian artists will revise – this has created an inter-Ministerial Commission. This was stated by the Minister of culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nyshchuk in the air of 1+1.

According to the Minister, these hastily sostavlennoe lists some intellectuals came by accident.

“Now we have created the interdepartmental Commission where representatives of the SBU, employees of the national Council on television and radio broadcasting, professionals, experts, representatives of media companies, which is the revision of those lists that from the time when they “crowd” has gone where, you know, the first was the one who signed, and signed…well, you know how it was. After that maybe he didn’t say anything and their (lists) obviously need to review,” he said

At the same time Nyshchuk noted that there are new artists that don’t just make negative statements towards Ukraine and represent a certain threat to the security of Ukraine, as statements and actions.

“It is in the plane and of the Council of national security and defense, which makes certain penalties or 1 or 3 years, different” – said Nyshchuk.

Recently, the Russian artist Elena Sparrow banned for three years from entering Ukraine because of her performances in the annexed Crimea.

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