Killed in the Donbas Russians buried in the burial – Ministry of defence

Убитых на Донбассе россиян хоронят на скотомогильниках - Минобороны

The separatists continue to hide the facts of participation of Russian servicemen in the fighting in the Donbass

The separatists covertly buried on the site of the former cemetery of the dead and the fighting in the Donbass Russian citizens.

Eliminated in the Donbas separatists Russians buried in the burial grounds. This was at the briefing on Monday, may 21, said the press-Secretary of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Dmitry Gutsulyak, the press service of the NSDC information center.

“The command of the Russian occupying forces continue to hide the facts of participation of Russian servicemen in the fighting in the composition of formations and units of the so-called first and second AK Russian occupation troops. In particular, the so-called soldiers one part of the first AK occupants witnessed the hidden graves on the former site of the burial grounds of the victims and died of wounds the citizens of Russia, before passing the so-called service in their unit,” – said Gutsulyak.

According to him, the crediting of these were secretly buried in lists of deserters and those who willfully left the place of service, caused outrage among many of the separatists.

“As a result of the actions of the leaders of the invaders families are buried thus, so-called soldiers were not informed about their deaths and the corresponding payments were not charged,” – said the speaker of the defense Ministry.

Earlier it was reported that the separatists near Horlivka was trying to oust the APU.

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