Killer for MP. What is known about Paul Pardave

Киллер для депутата. Что известно о Павле Паршове

In the center of Kiev on March 23, was killed by ex-Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov. The killer shot him 4 times, after which he was mortally wounded by a guard Boronenkov. The name of the killer already announced is Paul Parsow, but information about his personality contradictory. We have collected all that is known about Parchive at the moment.

According to sources of the edition “Observer” at the scene, near the hotel “Premier Palace”, they found the bag Barsova. It was two extracts from the order: the first, dated August, 2015, to enroll in the lists of personnel in/h 3057 National guard of Ukraine, the second (August 2016) – the deletion of these lists and removal allowances.

Also among the documents was the certificate of the participant of hostilities in the name of Pavel Alexandrovich Barsova (with the signature of the commander NSU Yuri Allenova).

In the database of the Ministry of interior stated that a man with such a name is wanted for fictitious business and laundering the proceeds. Date of disappearance – November 25, 2011, the city of the Dnieper.

Киллер для депутата. Что известно о Павле Паршове

“Observer” reported that Parsow was the founder and Director of two companies. One was registered in Odessa (activity – construction), the second – the Dnieper (wholesale trade of construction materials). Odessa edition writes that Parsow part of a group of persons who in 2006 decided to organize a network of fictitious companies and sole traders for the provision of construction services and procurement of agricultural products. Parsow allegedly possessed the skills of unarmed combat and ensure the safety of transport of money and also has registered companies in his name.

In the Unified state register of legal entities, individuals-entrepreneurs and community groups indicated that the Dnieper, the company suspended its operations in March 2011, when Parsow was declared wanted.

The publication also has information about numerous lawsuits involving these two companies. In particular, they took the materials of criminal proceedings on the activities of the konvertatsionny center which worked on the territory of several regions of Ukraine.

According to the “Observer”, the father Arsova also had problems with the law. In 2002, he was convicted under part 2 of article 189 of the criminal code of Ukraine (“Extortion”), and in 2010 – for bodily injuries of medium severity.

The adviser to the interior Minister Anton Geraschenko reported that Persov was born in Sevastopol and was recruited by the Russian special services in 2014.

According to Gerashchenko, Parsow never traveled abroad, but in February 2015, has crossed the border, after having walked through one of the checkpoints on the border with Belarus.

“In Russia, he took a course of special training school for spies established in the times of Stalin’s NKVD. He was tasked to infiltrate one of the units of the Armed forces or the National guard, preferably with a big name in the public consciousness, and to pretend that he was an ordinary soldier. Healthy, strong young man, a citizen of Ukraine successfully completed the task of the Russian special services and the year served in one of the units of the National guard. In the fighting did not participate. Resigned in August 2016. Then waited for the command from Moscow to act,” – wrote Gerashchenko.

The killer Boronenkov served in the national guard, confirmed the adviser of the head of the SBU Yuriy tandit, hinting that Parsow could be bribed by the Russian intelligence services.

Edition found former commander Parlova the time of his service in Mariupol the battalion “Donbass”. According to the commander, Paul Parsow came to the “Donbass”, “Azov”, had to do with the unit “Carpathian Sich”. And here a press-service “residents of Azov” confirmed that he was in their battalion.

Paul Barsova call was “boxer”, he resigned from the “Donbass” in 2016. According to colleagues, he had the attitude of the nationalist organization “defense Veliko of Ukraine”.

The next day after the murder Boronenkov several media outlets reported that a man named Paul Parsow alive, Recalling the words of the lawyer of Elena Krechetnikova, which is supposedly protected its interests. However, the information was inaccurate and taken out of context by journalists.

“Paul Parsow is not my client. It was about a completely different client, who yesterday attacked the journalists because he had the temerity to be wanted on the same charges that Parchow. Journalists identified his year of birth and of finding wanted, attacked him yesterday through social networks, trying to figure out some information. His name is Andrey Mandryka, it is irrelevant to the case. With the killer is not familiar,” Krechetnikov said in the air of “112 Ukraine”.

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