Kirilenko sees a conspiracy in the map of Ukraine without Crimea on TV

Кириленко видит заговор в карте Украины без Крыма на ТВ

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine does not believe in such “technical error” on television and hints at a connection with the presidential elections in the Russian Federation.

Vice Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kyrylenko said that the appearance in the air of national TV channels image map of Ukraine without Crimea – “not an accident, but someone’s purposeful work”.

“If almost simultaneously on two national Ukrainian television channels on the eve of elections of Putin in Russia live stream appear on the map of Ukraine without Crimea, it is not an accident, and someone’s purposeful work”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

Kirilenko added that he does not believe in such “technical error”.

“There should be names,” he said.

As you know, March 17, TV channel “UA: the First” showed a map of Ukraine without Crimea and stated that the audience 27 seconds saw a map of Ukraine due to a technical error. The map does not reflect the names of regions and cities, as well as show the area without Peninsula.

March 18 on channel “STB”, said that in the broadcast channel there was a graphical image of a map of Ukraine, which was absent from the territory of Crimea – also due to technical error.

Both of the TV channel apologized to viewers. The STB stated that it would conduct an internal investigation, after which it will take personnel decisions.