Kirillovka over the heads of tourists flying military helicopters

В Кирилловке над головами отдыхающих летали военные вертолеты

Military helicopters over beaches Kyrylivka

On Friday the campers in Kirillovka watched a helicopter doctrines of Marines of naval forces of Ukraine.

Resting on the sea beaches Kyrylivka (Zaporiz’ka oblast) had the opportunity to observe military exercises of the Armed forces of Ukraine. Practical training of Marines of naval forces of Ukraine is carried out in four regions of Ukraine, the press service of the Berdyansk city Council.

In particular, stated that the military skills are practiced in opposing the landing of advanced detachments of amphibious landing of the enemy with the protection, control and content.

On Friday, the helicopter exercises were observed resting in Kirillovka. Last weekend, Berganza observed in the sky military maneuvers of the helicopters, which caused great concern. In the municipality of the resort city urged not to panic and assured that this is just a military exercise.

Earlier, the helicopter of Armed forces of Ukraine flew right over the heads of tourists in Mariupol (Donetsk region).

It was also reported that the su-25 Ukrainian air force flew over the beach Kyrylivka Zaporozhye region. Then the aircraft was literally ten meters from the water surface.

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