Kiva: SPU will work with the socialist international on a joint strategy of the left forces

Кива: СПУ будет работать с Социнтерном над совместной стратегией левых сил

MEPs support STC and see the danger in the current Ukrainian government, said Ilya Kiva live from Strasbourg on the TV channel “OUR”

About it reports a press-service SPA on the official website of the party.

“We’re going back to the great European socialist family. The socialist party gained the support and found worthy partners in Europe. Germany, Sweden, Poland, UK, Finland – all they are willing to work on a joint strategy of the left. We have started preparing a package of social reforms for Ukraine on the basis of their years of experience. We will build a strong social country, which will order and social protection!

Forward to victory!” – said the politician.

Ilya Kiva said that the European Parliament is clear and unambiguous position is that the corruption is killing Ukraine.

“A few days were more than a dozen meetings with the European parliamentarians. They clearly understand that the current oligarchic power, which supports the war, which is the product of corruption is an evil that does not give Ukraine get on its feet. Criminal oligarchic power must go. Therefore, 2019 will be a year of change, when we can improve our lives,” – said the head of the socialist party.

Кива: СПУ будет работать с Социнтерном над совместной стратегией левых сил



The politician said that the European socialists also support the desire of the socialist party to cease cooperation with the IMF.

“In Strasbourg, we revealed the new face of socialism and proved that they are ready to fight for new European standards of life of Ukrainian citizens. We need to restore the economy, production, we need to get off the needle of the IMF. In the European Parliament all are well aware that IMF loans are just finish off our country. But European socialists need a strong Ukraine, they are interested in a strong partner. That is why Ukrainian socialists received support in the European Parliament. They are willing to cooperate with us. We took the first steps in collaboration with European colleagues, and in the struggle which we announce to the oligarchic system. Barbiturates.barbiturates”, – sabellaria.