Kiva will retire only by order of Avakov

Кива уйдет в отставку лишь по приказу Авакова

Kiva believes that the head of Netpolice just looking for an excuse to fire him

For him, such a task would be dogma.

Head of Department of counteraction of narcocrime Netpolice of Ukraine Ilya Kiva would resign only if such a task will put the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. “For me it would be a dogma,” said Kiva in the comments Эспрессо.TV on Friday, April 22.

He also believes that the head of Netpolice khatia Dekanoidze just looking for an excuse to fire him, blaming the incorrect statements in the address of Atashikov.

“It’s her right. She does it since December. You know what, she does not kink, for the simple reason that more than I, few have done for Atashikov. Perhaps the Minister. Tashniki work for me, I always watching Toshibumi. I very much pay attention to Atonica. She wants to find a reason?” commented on Kiva today’s announcement Dekanoidze.

Kiva stated that he would agree to resign only if “will be tasked by the Minister of internal Affairs”.

At the same time, the fighter with a drug crime did not comment on his refusal to undergo recertification.

As reported Корреспондент.net, Kivu recently noticed on the train, where he went to a gun in his pants.

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