Klimas: I wonder if in Riga for the Barbels will be hurt more than the First

Климас: Не удивлюсь, если в Риге за Усика будут болеть больше, чем за Бриедиса

Egis Klimas

The Manager of Ukrainian boxer has shared his opinion about the upcoming fight.

Egis Klimas, Manager of the world champion under version WBO Alexander Usik (13-0, 11 KO’s) spoke about their expectations from a unification bout against the Ukrainian holder of the WBC belt-Mairis Briedis (23-0, 18 KO’s).

“This is a very big event. Let’s start with the fact that we have two of the best boxer in this weight class today. Sasha Krasyuk at a press conference very nicely said that the upcoming fight was to be final. However, by coincidence the draw that it turned out that they poboksirovat now. I think that there should be a nice fight, which will please the audience.

It is sometimes said that the walls help, and sometimes they just give more voltage. Much harder sometimes to box at home than on the road. What Sasha with baggage Amateur fights, but they always went somewhere boxed, it will help.

The Mustache also is communication with people that where he comes, for him, always support local. I would not be surprised if during the battle in Riga for Sasha will hurt more people than Briedis”, – said in an interview Cliches Xsport.ua.

Recall that a unification fight between Oleksandr Usyk and mairis Briedis by will take place on 27 January in Riga. See also the promo video of fight the Tendril – athletes.

Note that our website will be available a text online broadcast of the fight, which will start at 23:00 Kyiv time.

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