Klimenko accused the authorities of discrimination of Donbass

Клименко обвинил власти в дискриминации Донбасса

Ex-Minister wrote an open letter to the Ukrainian authorities.

Former Minister of revenues and duties Oleksandr Klymenko wrote an open letter addressed to the top management of Ukraine, which has stated the violation of the rights of residents of Donbas.

As the politician wrote in his Facebook, the letter itself Klimenko also sent to the heads of state Channel four.

In a letter addressed to President Petro Poroshenko, speaker of the Rada Andrew Parubiy and the head of the government Volodymyr Groisman, Klimenko reminded about the rude violation of the rights of residents of Donbas. To them, the politician took the deprivation of the right to vote, limitation of property rights by non-payment of pensions and social benefits, the failure to guarantee human rights and many others.

“The solution to this problem is not only difficult. It is blocked by the leadership of the country, putting in jeopardy the rights and freedoms of Ukrainians and threatening and statehood of our country”, – said in the letter.

Klymenko notes that the Ukrainian authorities are trying not to talk about the many facts on the situation in the East of the country.

So, according to him, Kiev does not like to say that in 2015 Russia remained the main trade partner of Ukraine; on the business assets Poroshenko, including Russia, increased in a few years for $100 million; that the budget revenues from the Ukrainians and enterprises located in uncontrolled Ukraine territories of Donbass 1.5 times higher than income from controlled the territory of Ukraine.

In his message Klimenko urged the President, Prime Minister and the speaker to recognize the differences between official rhetoric and reality, and to reject false accusations against residents of Donbass and to end crimes, discrimination and abuse mentioned in the letter.