Klimenko told about simulating a power struggle with offshore companies

Клименко рассказал об имитации властью борьбы с офшорами

Authorities do not hurry to fight with offshore companies

In Ukraine there are necessary to combat offshore laws, but authorities have been reluctant to use them, said the former Minister.

Ukrainian authorities are to imitate the fight against offshore companies, since it already has the necessary laws and tools to stop the outflow of capital from Ukraine, ex-Minister of income and fees Alexander Klimenko.

Commenting on the creation ahead of the presidential faction of the working group on the issue of offshore companies and offshore tax evasion, he noted that this step is nothing more than a PR attempt to hush up the scandals, which hit Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko and his entourage.

“The clan-oligarchic government is not interested in information about their billions of dollars of assets abroad, derived from the country without paying taxes, became public. Because the current government simply to fill the budget, for example, raising once again the price to the public of gas and services for heating,” writes Klymenko in Facebook.

For the real fight against offshore companies is necessary, provesti a series of reforms, said Klimenko, among which the introduction of the law on transfer pricing, which was developed and adopted three years ago.

“The work of the fiscal service in this direction was limited only to the application of penalties for not timely reporting, and it was mostly from medium-sized businesses. Only remained unnoticed capital raised by the oligarchs into offshore and low-tax jurisdictions without paying taxes amounting to more than $11 billion a year. Including the capital and the President himself, who carefully hides them from the eyes of ordinary Ukrainians in the accounts of the exotic tropical Islands” – says Klimenko.

He also assured that Ukraine has long been could prisoedinitsja to the Standards of automatic exchange of financial information in tax matters the OECD. This roadmap was developed by the Ministry of revenues and duties in 2013.

Also, writes Klimenko, it is necessary to establish control over the income of the ultimate beneficial owners of companies-taxpayers, in accordance with the decision taken in October 2014 the law. According to him, Ukrainian officials should be held responsible for untruthful information about his foreign assets and companies, and also was conducted monitoring the life of officials.

“As you can see, the laws we have enough. Really good laws. Not only the political will for their implementation. Therefore, the key of deoffshorization should be no reflection on the new legislation and implementation of already existing”, – concludes the leader of the party “uspishna Kraina”.

Recall that the international consortium of investigative journalists ICIJ has published the updated database, in which more than 200 thousand offshore companies registered through Mossack Fonseca.

In the referenced database has data about 643 Ukrainian citizens who own offshore companies 469.