Klimkin about Morewe insulted the whole nation

Климкин о Мураеве: оскорбил весь народ

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine commented on the scandalous statement of the people’s Deputy about convicted in Russia of Ukrainians Oleg Sentsov.

Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said that, according to the logic of non-faction people’s Deputy Evgeniy murayev, “terrorists” can be called all Ukrainians who oppose Russian aggression.

“Sure, and Sentsov not making any attacks, but, as a true patriot, an intellectual and an artist, he fought and is fighting against the aggression of Russia by other means,” – Klimkin wrote in Facebook, commenting on the scandalous statement Murewa relatively convicted in Russia of Ukrainians Oleg Sentsov.

In his opinion, after calling a “terrorist,” Moore “denies the very right to defend their freedom, their rights, territorial integrity and independence of their homeland from the encroachments of the enemy.”

“According to this logic, the “terrorists” will be considered not only the partisans of the UPA, which Moscow hates, but the red Soviet partisans, which Moscow likes. Because they also dared to speak out against the occupation authorities of Nazi Germany. “Terrorists” are all Ukrainians today who with arms or otherwise oppose the aggression of Russia, all the people who ever dared to speak out against oppression, tyranny, injustice,” wrote the Minister.

He expressed the opinion that “the belated willingness of Mr. Murewa to apologize to Oleg Sentsov will not help here, since we are talking about the insult and disregard to all of us, to the whole Ukraine and Ukrainian people, to the human honor and dignity.”

Earlier, Moore in the television broadcast said on a prisoner in Russia Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov: “from the point of view of what people are prepared arsons and explosions, for one part of the population, he is a terrorist, nationalist part, he is a hero,” noting that “time will put everything in its place”.

After this, the BPP and people’s front has demanded from the security service to bring against Murewa criminal case under article “treason”.

Moore himself later stated that his comments had not been reflected personal relationship to Sentsov, he talked about the fact that it is about “creating the next idol.” According to the MP, the information that he allegedly said about Sentsov is fake stuffing.

The Prosecutor General’s office opened proceedings against Murewa under article “high treason” and “false report of a crime”.